You Say Cover by Hlawn Pi Chin Celebrity P Thawngbawi Fanu

Thawngbawi the chin celebrity pakhat a si ve mi afanu nih a cover mi asi. The Chin celebrities nih chin miphun acawisangtu hna ni tin an cawlcang nak tete kan vun lang terh ve tikah chin miphun acawisangtu kan kan celebrities pawl collection kan tuah mi asi ve caah asi.

You say ti mi a Cover mi Hlawn Pi hi chim miphun caah kan celebrity asi ve mi le pi Dadeo Cer hna I an fanu te asi. A mui zong aa dawh i a aw zong a tha hmailei chin miphun chungin kan celebrity pakaht dirhmun in a vun dir kho te ding zong asi lai tuah kan hmu.

You say cover by Hlawn Pi new generation of P Thawngbawi precious little daughter of P.Thawngbawi and Dadeo Cer studio tnc music studio, hakha,chin state video and editing P Thawngbawi. Link kan chiat piak hna


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