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Arakan Army Tluk In CNF/A thawnter a herh maw?

Hi a cunglei biahalnak hi mi tampi kan ruah ning aa dang cio. Cozah cu hriam-nam in kan tei khawh hna lai lo caah a phungmen in cabuai cung bia i ruah khawhnak fang thazaang kan ngeih ah cun a za ko ati zong kan um.Micheu nih CNF ralkap an thazaang a um lo caah kawl ralkap cu chim lo AA nih kan Chin ram an duh tawk in an tuah caah ralkap thazaang thawnter kan hau ati zong um si. CCN nih AA ralbawi interview kan tuahnak ah Chin mino tampi CNF/A ah nan luh awk asi ati. Nangmah pumpak in zeitn?“The Arakan Army are soldiers from the indigenous population of Arakan State. These soldiers, men and women lay the groundwork for defence of their people and nation. The Burmese military is a invader and the Arakan Army joins forces with the Kachin Independence Army, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army and the Kokang Army to form the Northern Alliance. Ethnic people in Burma unite against a common enemy and must stand together in order to achieve victory against the Burmese military. 2018”

Video : https://www.facebook.com/www.ccnchannel.net/videos/853406095467498

Crd: Tribal Action Group

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