Khabib Nurmagomedov Nih UFC In Kaa Din Cang Lai A Ti A Ruang Cu

Khabib Nurmagomedov Nih UFC In Kaa Din Cang Lai A Ti A Ruang Cu

Nizan Fight Island i UFC 254 main event ah Khabib Nurmagomedov nih Justin Gaethje a tei hnuah kaa phomh ti lai lo, a tu hi a hnubik kaa phomh a si, kaa din cang lai tiah thawngthanhnak a tuah. Khabib cu a pa thih hnu ah a voi khatnak puai round hnihnak ah Justin Gaethje cu fawi tein a tei i a Lighweight Champion taisawm a runven kho i, teinak a hmuh hnuah hi hi a hnubik puai a si cang tiah a phuan chih hi a si.

A chimmi cu nihin ah, hi hi a hnubik kaa thuatnak a si cang tiah chim ka duh tiah Khabib nih thinlung zur ngai in a phuan.A  chim rihmi cu ka pa a thih hnu i, UFC nih Justin he i thuat ding in an ka chimh i, ka nu cu nithum chung ka nawl. Nain ka nu nih ka pa um lo hnu in UFC ah i thuat ding a ka duhpi lo. Cu ti cun, Ka nu sinah hi hi a hnubik kaa thuat a si lai tiah bia ka kamh. Ka nu sin ka biakam ka zulh hrimhrim a herh.

Cucaah nihin hi a hnubik kaa thuat a si cang” tiah a phuan hi a si. Mirang in rel chih duhmi caah: Today, I want to say this was my last fight an emotional Nurmagomedov announced.  After what happened with my father, when the UFC called me about Justin, I talked with my mother for three days, she didn’t want me to go fight without father. “I promised her it’s going to be my last fight. I give my word, I have to follow this It was my last fight.

Niizan ah Khabib cu voidang bantuk siloin teinak a hmuh bak ah a bawk i tap thluahmah ko. A hawile nih an hnemh zong ah an hnem kho lo. UFC ah ithua rih a duh ko nain hrintu a nu nih a sianh ti lo ca maw, asiloah, a pa thih hnu in a voikhatnak teinak a hmuh thanmi a si ca maw timi theih a si lo.

Russian Nurmagomedov (kum 32) cu puai 29 puai aa thonghnak ah tuzan tiang a sung ballo caah 29-0 record a tial rih. Nain Justin Gaethje (kum 31) cu tuzan he puai 23 aa thonghnak ah tuzan a sunghmi he puai 3 a sung cang tinak a si ve.

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